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Recent ROHM Acquisitions

Shown below is just a sampling of the items donated to the Rainier Historical Musuem. We wish to thank those who have given us these precious items to be archived and to be shared with the future generations to come. If you have anything Rainier related (could be just an old store receipt) please contact Kay Heflin or Tiffany Trahan below or come by the museum on the third floor of the city hall on Saturdays 12:00 to 4:00 PM. If you have an old photograph that you can't part with, we can scan it. Don't let these pieces of history be lost forever. Please contact:

Kay Heflin, at kay-lynn2@hotmail.com, ph.# 503-556-4089, cell# 360-751-7039 or Tiffany Trahan, at tiffany.trahan13@gmail.com., Ph. 208-339-1736
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This photo postcard is from about 1910. It was taken at the back of what is now the Riverside Community Church (the old Rainier elementary school) looking east. The Fox Creek bridge from left to center. From a June 5, 1925 Rainier Review article, the county court had closed the Fox Creek bridge that was showing signs of collapse and it was feared that it might go down at any time. The bridge was eventually removed, fill was added for a new school playground and a new West C Street was created (where the bridge once stood) with a culvert for the creek. Also in the photo is the K.P. (Knights of Pythias) Hall that was destroyed by fire on August 13, 1916.
A wooden token from the Bridgeview Tobacco Shop (29375 Washington Way) for 50 cents off on a carton of cigarettes. From the 1960s or 70s.
A plastic poker chip from the Stop Inn. From about the 1960s. Albert H. "Bud" Diss proprietor.

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