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Rainier, Oregon's Strawberry Festival 1949 and 1950

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July 22-23, 1949

June 23-24, 1950

Rainier, Oregon's Strawberry Festival Memorabilia
Program for the 1949 Rainier's Strawberry Festival. The same photo was also shown in the July 21, 1949 issue of the Rainier Review with the following caption; "Rainier's Strawberry Court with their chaperone, Mrs. A. R. Elwell and the yellow Jeepster in which they visited neighboring communities before the dates of the Strawberry festival. Pictured from left to right are Mrs. Elwell, Dianne Erickson, Betty Scott, Zolene Carpenter, Ardis Bare, and Anne Britts." Zolene Carpenter was selected queen.
Rainier's 1950 Strawberry Court was Donna Benson, Margaret Lance, Bobby Johnson, Marlene Mariani and Pat Asbury. Newspaper clipping from the June 29, 1950 issue of the Rainier Review with the following caption; "DONNA BENSON, Pretty dark haired Donna Benson who was the crowned queen of Rainier's Strawberry festival last Friday night in the high school auditorium by Prime Minister Shade of the Royal Rosarians, Portland."

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