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Fern Hill Grange
No. 592

Revised February 18, 2018

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Fern Hill Grange No. 592,
72612 Fern Hill Rd, Rainier Or 97048
from Google Maps August 2014

Fern Hill Grange from above, from Google Maps August 2014

Where the Grange is now located (as of February 2018) there was a house owned by Samuel Cecil and Florence (Burchett) Counts. They moved into the house from Rainier in about 1910. Cecil passed away in 1911. Florence remarried to Noah Ferran in 1912. They later sold the property to the grange, the house was torn down and the grange built in its place, but closer to the road. Information provided by Marjorie (Lepin) Clark (Cecil's granddaughter) February 2018.
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