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Rainier Families

We are starting a new page on Rainier families. We hope that everyone participates. Please send us your scanned photos (*) with captions on who is who and a brief history of your family and when they came to Rainier. Contact me at clarkmikew@aol or Tiffany Trahan, at tiffany.trahan13@gmail.com., or Ph. 208-339-1736

(*) Please scan photos at 300 DPI for best details.

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"Foshaug Family." Top row L to R: Harold, Fred, Kingsley. Bottom row L to R: Elvida, Klaus (father), Emma (mother), Rockne. For additional information CLICK HERE. (provided by Kay Heflin)
"McMilan Family." James W. McMilan, wife Nellie and eldest child Keith born in 1908. Two more children followed: William born in 1912 and daughter Ruth in 1914. James McMilan was postmaster in Rainier from 1910 to 1916. For additional information CLICK HERE. (Provided by Connie Budge)
"Prichard Family." From left to right: Estella (Prichard) Anderson, David Prichard and Virgie (Prichard) McCaskey. Three of the six children of Charles Cullen and Louisa J. (Burchett) Prichard. One family of many who came to Rainier from Carter County, Kentucky. For additional information CLICK HERE. (from the 1966 Columbia Co. Historical Society booklet)
"Counts and Lepin Family." From left to right: Frank, Bill and Don Counts, Marjorie Lepin and Thelma Counts. About 1937. (Provided by Marjorie Clark)
"The Mercer Family." Photo submitted by Robert Mercer, January 2018. Boys left to right: Ray Redmond Mercer, Aaron Layman Mercer and Paul Cleveland Mercer. Girls left to right: Ruth Janette Mercer (Larson), Mildred Mercer (Britton) on Aaron's lap, and Clara Cordelia Mercer (Jamison). The youngest, Carl Mercer, hadn't yet been born. Robert wrote that the family lived, and farmed, out on the Fernhill Road. He thinks that the photo was taken in about 1915 based on the ages of the kids. Paul was the only one who stayed in Rainier.
"The Kellar Family." Left to right standing: Verna, Milford, Gladys, Dale, and Dorthy Kellar. Left to right seated: Jennie and Homer H. Kellar. Photo taken about 1952. Used with permission from Marvin Kellar.
"The Hirtzel Family" in West Rainier, Oregon: 1. Clarence Hirtzel Jr. (married to 7), 2. Arnold Hirtzel, 3. Warren Hirtzel, 4. Byron Hirtzel (married to 11), 5. Rupert Jamieson (married to 6), 6. Clara (Hirtzel) Jamieson (married to 5), 7. Viola (Mitchell) Hirtzel (married to 1), 8. Clarence Hirtzel Sr. (father), 9. Joclyne Hirtzel (mother), 10. Rodney Hirtzel (son of 4 & 11), 11. Audrey (Allen) Hirtzel (married to 4), 12. Donald Jamieson (son of 5 & 6), 13. Lois Hirtzel (daughter of 1 & 7), 14. Roy Jamieson (son of 5 & 6). Photo may have been taken during Clarence and Joclyne's golden wedding anniversary December 25, 1939.
Written on the reverse side of photo: Jim and Mary Olsen & 9 children. The Olsen's came to Rainier in 1904. Jim Olsen was an expert mechanic with the Plue Sash and Door factory and also a builder. There are a number of houses in Rainier that Mr. Olsen built.
Frank and Virgie McCaskey and their children. Top row; left to right, Roy, Arletha, Benjamin, Virgie Louise, Joseph Thomas & William. Front row; left to right, Elsie, and Susan, parents Frank and Virgie, and Twana.

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