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Rainier, Oregon Grocery Stores

Grocery Stores Part 1 Continously operated grocery store changing owners 5 times 1916-1970:
R. H. Bailey (1916-1922)
Bailey & Zimmerman, Inc. (1923-1928)
Zimmerman's Grocery (1928-1934)
Rainier Mercantile Co. (1928-1949)
Bob's Market (1950-1954)
Chase's Cash Market (1955-1970)
Hop's Grocery Roy (Hop) Elliott opened a grocery store on B Street in 1954. He moved the store to A Street in 1963 and closed it in 1966.
Mathers/Brusco Grocery Francis (Frank) and Frances Mather opened a grocery store in west Kentucky Flats in 1923. It was sold to Jack Brusco in 1954. He closed it 1963, moving his groceries into a second store he had in town.

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